The In Home Spa!

Not all of us have the privilege to visit spas every other day, but sometimes you just want to escape to a place that gives you peace and quiet. And sometimes you just want to have a relaxing bath soak, and having it in a cold tiled bathroom is just not ideal!

As i am very fond of bath soaks and buuble baths, i just had to do something to make my bathroom more appealing and a secret hideout from the stresses of life. And then the idea struck…. why not an in home spa! of course you don’t have the advantage of someone else doing everything else for you, but something is better than nothing! And of course a bathroom that looks great is always a plus point!

This is how i went about the business….

The before picture of my bathroom (no judging!)


 First thing i did was collect my essentials. I made baskets of all kinds of bubble baths, oils, salts, body creams, mists, shower gels, mani pedi essentials…and the list goes on!

Then comes cleaning the bathroom and taking out unwanted/unused things from it.

I kept the product baskets in one corner of the bathroom, and even in the bidet ( which is never used and looks like a cold piece of porclein sitting in the bathroom)

IMG_0575     IMG_0576

Next i grouped products used in the shower, in places where they will be easily accessible. i added plants and candles in every place possible!






I got a bath rug and matching cozy slippers for us and towel sets for both. I wanted to add some color so i got pink (her) and purple (him). I still have to get our bath robes too, and a stool to keep these on. You can see a glass bowl on the floor, the candles come out and i can use the bowl for soaking my feet 🙂


As i mentioned earlier, i use my ipad for reading or watching movies during a long bath soak, so i dont need any reading material, if you want you can add a basket for that too.

Giving the final touches with bright pink dried petals and lighting up the candles. Here we are! my safe haven 😉




I would like to add that contrary to belief, it is very easy to maintain this bathroom. You can clean it the way you normally did, you just have to move a few more things and that will add only a minute to your cleaning. But the serenity it adds to your life, is priceless ❤

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