17 Essentials For The Infant Diaper Bag

I know i have been away, and i know you don’t care! ? But i do and that is why i have come back with two posts this week. The following post is a sequel (or rather prequel) to a previous article i wrote about diaper bag essentials. I have told you my essentials for a toddler bag, so what about when the baby is newborn (and so are mothers) and they have no idea what to stuff their shiny new diaper bags with? Lo and behold! i will be listing my baby bag must haves for not only new borns, but there is another list for infants between 6-12months of age (bonus ?)
Why two lists you may wonder? That’s because as you start weaning  infants on solids at 6 months, they will need a few more things in their carry ons.
Diaper bag list 0-6 months
  1. Diapers – no brainer! Keep atleast 3 for every hour you are out as diaper blowouts are very common at this age and so is the frequency of poop ?
  2. Changing sheet – you really need these to keep those blow outs mess free and to give your newborn prince/princess a comfy surface to lie on.
  3. Wipes – when did i say we don’t need these?! ?
  4. Change of clothes – keep 2-3, the main reason being… keep guessing!
  5. Burp cloth, Mitts and socks – in an ideal situation the mitts and socks should be ON the baby at all times ( only if it happened that way…). Keep an extra pair ‘just in case’
  6. Swaddling blanket – an extra is a must have as they are almost equal to clothes for newborns.
  7. Sanitizer and anitbacterial wipes – keep those germies away from your LO!
  8. Baby sunscreen and diaper rash cream– i use mustela and i love it!
  9. Breast Pump – i have found it easier to carry around if it’s in the baby bag, as the first few months you really won’t be carrying around a purse. And by breast pump i mean all it’s accessories too including the bottle. I used to keep the whole set in a pouch and toss it into my work bag when i was going to be without baby. I used a Medela pump.
  10. Milk Bottle – UAE is very baby friendly, with diaper changing stations and breast feeding rooms almost everywhere, but it’s always better to be on the safe side and keep a bottle of expressed milk.  For formula feeding babies, keep the bottle, water and formula powder.
  11. First aid kit – adol, clippers, bandaid , tweezer, saline drops, nasal aspirator, Thermometer, Gripe water (or any gas relief drops) – if you want to avoid those colicky baby nightmares. Keep in mind that they might not always work, but to a distressed parent they are everything!
  12. Waste bags and Soiled clothes bag – did i mention poop ? blowouts in this post?
  13. Detergent water spray – buy a small empty spray bottle, fill it up with water, add detergent and  keep it in the bag, you will thank me later! This makes it easier to salvage precious clothes that have been soiled with ? or even vomit.
  14. Mommy essentials – your mobile, car keys etc. other things like a book you would like to read while breast feeding. Or sanitary pads for those post partum days ?. Water and snacks to refuel a tired and sleep less mama! A change of clothes for mommy are also a good idea.
Diaper bag list 6-12 months
All the above items are included in the 6-12 months list. The following are just add ons.
  1. Babyfood – whether you prepare the purees yourself or get the ready made ones, once you start solids, baby food is one of the baby bag essentials. If you prepare them at home, get small jars and carry the purees in them. This way you can feed them directly out of the jar, and don’t have to worry about leftover purees.
  2. Spoon – keep atleast 2 baby spoons, and those that are easy to clean and reuse.
  3. Bib – i have a silicone bib for the baby bag. It keeps the food from spilling on the floor and is easy to clean on the go!
Those are my baby bag essentials for the first year of your little tot! Do tell me if you have any other must-haves that I haven’t listed here!
Mommy tip – keep your diaper bag items as checklists in evernote and you won’t have to go digging (or surfing) for those checklists ever again!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Faryal says:

    Tweezer for whaaat??? ?

    Love all ur blogs sweety! Every time i read one, i always think HOW u find the time to multi-task so much Masha Allah …

    Btw, ive already weaned off maryam … I cudnt take it after 8 weeks! How long did u go for?

    — ur #1 fan reader ???


    1. Mama In Scrubs says:

      Tweezers are used to remove splinters, ticks and even stingers left behind by bees. I forgot to add thermometer to the list though!
      Thanks hun! I bf-ed until 9 months, but then because i was expressing most of the time she got used to the bottle and refused breast feeding, and my supply plummeted. In other words she weaned herself off 😛


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