Angsana Velavaru, Maldives – an abode in heaven!


As promised I am writing today about our emergency vacation to Maldives. It was the end of the year, me and my husband were both burntout due to work, we hadn’t had a vacation in a long time, and choosing a holiday destination was giving us more stress as the visas would take time. Solution? Maldives!! On arrival visa meant we didn’t have to worry about the paperwork. My husband made online reservation at the Angsana Velavaru Resort and all we had to worry about was packing.

All that I had to worry about was packing for my LO as this was the first time we were travelling with a baby and i had absolutely no idea. Luckily the flight was just 4 hours and my guesses worked out well ( Alhumdulillah)
On arrival at the Maldivian airport, we were already exhausted as it was an all night flight but we still had the seaplane before we curled into our hotel beds. We were glad to see there was hotel staff at the airport to asisst us to get to the seaplane port. And even at the port, we were greeted and escorted by Angsana’s staff to their own waiting area where refreshments were provided.
It had the same touch that all Angsana resorts have and we already felt so comfortable. Once into the yellow and blue seaplane, the journey was an hour long with amazing views. Although i was so sleepy, i never once stopped looking down onto the various islands that made up Maldives. Some were proper islands, some were submerged into the waters, some were populated, some just had divers swimming around them… It was just mesmerizing!
Once we landed ( and this one was a shock for me), we were in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on a raft, and we could see two islands from there. One was a proper island, while the other was just villas built in the middle of the ocean.
Just when i thought that maybe this raft will take us somewhere ( and i will have to keep balancing on it while i carry a baby and her bag) a speed boat appeared (to my relief!). The speedboat dropped us off at the In-Ocean Villas. Once again we were greeted by the friendly staff at Angsana Velavaru In-Ocean Villas, who quickly gave us an idea of the resort and their services and showed us our villa, right after the divine welcome mango sorbets. At that time we didn’t care much about anything except sleep so we dived right into the bed. Of course by that time my LO was least interested in sleeping and decided jumping on the bed was a better option.
Once we catched up on our zzzs we decided to refuel. The options were either the restaurant on the resort, or we had to catch a speedboat to the Angsana island. I was too lazy to even move at this point and the staff suggested ordering in from the Azzuro Restaurant! So we did! Their famous seafood pizza and some Thai food.
The place was absolutely serene and beautiful. My words and pictures cannot do justice to it. I still miss that environment. We had our own private pool looking onto the ocean. And even better, our own coral garden ( that’s a first!)
Fancy a hammock suspended over the ocean waters? Look no more!
For dinner we went across to the Angsana resort mainland on a ferry. There were more restaurants here. The mainland also featured the beach villas, a sports center, kids club and a gallery. The Kaani restaurant had themed dinners each night. Lucky for us, the first night was Maldivian! We got our taste of the scrumptious Maldivian food, which obviously was mainly consisting of seafood. The staff once again was very friendly and gave us tips on how each food is usually eaten, as well as making sure we were comfortable (esp. the baby)
The next morning i woke up in heaven! I could not have enough of the breathtaking views! Our bed looked onto the private pool and the ocean beyond it. If upto me i would spend the whole day in bed! Instead we decided to laze around in the pool all day !
The day ended with us going for a walk on the mainland, and leaving DD to go wild in the sand ( oh the sand!!) . Followed by dinner at Kaani again. It was bbq night and we had the most gorgeous bbqed seafood!!


Highlight of the day was moon watching! Yup, it was a full moon ( almost!) and the resort had setup a telescope to view the beautiful moon! It was a new experience for us! Going back to the in-ocean villas by ferry that night was memorable, as the ocean was lit by the full moon. It was surreal!


On the final day of our stay, we went to watch Stingray feeding, had a nice time on the beach, hung out at the Kuredhi bar, visited the kids club, shopped at the gallery and dived back into our pool (phew!).


That evening we wanted to have a quiet dinner as we had to catch an early flight the next day, so we opted to have dinner on the roof of the villa, while watching the sunset. We chose to have a live bbq first, but the restaurant was too busy that night and we just got our food setup on the roof instead.

You can see we really liked their pizzas!

Our journey back consisted of a very early breakfast ( they opened the kitchen early just for us), followed by the seaplane ride and finally the ride on the plane back home!

It was a much-needed break from the hustle bustle of daily life, and the experience was enhanced by Angsana Velavaru ( i am so glad hubby made the right choice).


Did i mention how excited we used to get as the evening approached, because the resort housekeeping staff would leave behind a souvenir and fresh biscuits for us!!
We could not do many of the activities because of the baby. We did not want to go alone or leave her at the kids club. But you have to check out the amazing activities offered by Angsana Velavaru (both free and paid). So if you have any doubts about if Maldives is vacation-with-children spot, i can assure you atleast Angsana Velavaru is a brilliant idea!! For more details of the services they provide head on to their website
Caution- me and my family had cheek aches ( is that a thing?) from smiling at all the very-friendly staff there! ??

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