15+ Ideas For Decorating Your Home For Ramadan

I love starting traditions with my tiny family of three. Since i got married (and got my own home), i went off the hook, just a little bit, and started looking for ideas to make my family different and unique in our traditions. We have a simple tradition that we have been following since my little one was born. Whenever I have am off on a weekday, or even have a late shift, me and my daughter have breakfast at a coffee shop. It’s so simple, but that time is literally sacred to me, and i am sure it’s something that my daughter will look back upon once she is older!

The same goes for Ramadan and the two Eids. There are a few things I have developed as a habit over the 3 ramadans i have spent with my husband after marriage. Although a few more things came into practice once a child was in the picture. Last year i went all out on decorating my home for Ramadan. Luckily i had time (and energy) to do things, with an infant. It made a Ramadan that will always be memorable for me, and since it was my baby’s first, for her too.

Ramadan is considered as a guest, and it only makes sense to prepare for it just like you would for a guest coming over at your home. Keeping that in mind I have collected loads of ideas from all over the internet, and put them together in this post with links so that you don’t have to look high and low for inspiration.

  1. I found this post on Pinterest, and here is the explanation below it “30 balloons for the 30 days of Ramadan. My kids picked the candy and filled each balloon, and after Iftar every night, we would pop a balloon and get to enjoy a special treat! They picked the best candy for the 10 balloons on top–for the last 10 days of Ramadan!”. The link that the pin leads to is given under the photo, but it really does not lead anywhere, but you can still have a look if you want. It’s a great idea for older kids, who can prepare the candies and balloons with you. For younger kids, maybe fill them with a small packet of raisins, or stickers ( so that they do not overdose on that candy, and that too just before bedtime!! *the horror* )     ramadan balloons
  2. This post on silverenvelope.com is filled with ideas for Ramadan and even Eid decor. I love each and everyone of them, but the ‘ramadan wreath’ particularly has my attention. It is colourful and catchy, and the english wording means all your neighbours can read it. Although in UAE, everyone knows about Ramadan, but not everyone can read arabic, so that’s a great idea!ramadan wreath1
  3. Use puffy paint to decorate mason jars with intricate patterns and make these lantern. Place them at your front door and light them every evening at Maghrib!puffypaintlanterns
  4. Okay so I love love love this idea for the “Ramadan Wall” i am planning. There is also a downloadable template for the mosque shape. Read the details by clicking the link below.mosquebanner
  5. There is nothing about this setup to not like. The banner on the mantle, the star mobile over the dinner table, and even the personalised pouches behind the dinner chairs (although i would have to think of ways to use that! Sadqah pouches maybe?). The link leads to the etsy shop of Waafia, where the mentioned products are sold.b602fe11e303faf50593ae88c84d8e5d
  6. Another ‘Ramadan Wreath’ that looks quite easy! Found on pinterest, it was uploaded by a user ( which i cannot find. If you have uploaded the photo please get in touch with me so that i can give proper credits). ramadanwreath2
    “My first ever Ramadan wreath. Bought a styrophoam base, wrapped in burlap, added flowers, wrapped a thin ribbon to stick spray painted letters on.”
  7. This one is an idea for an advent calendar, but it looks incredibly easy and do-able for the 30 days of ramadan. You can add treats, or a task, or a ‘reward’ , to the bags, for every day of Ramadan, for the kids. The original post is in French, you can translate it using google translator, but the photos are self explanatory. The other photo is of yet another advent calendar, but in wreath form (so saves up on space, and looks cute too!)       adventcalender1  
  8. This post from myhalalkitchen.com is full of tips on creating a festive environment at home during Ramadan. myhalalkitchen
  9. Add this to the list of creative Ramadan Advent Calendars. Made with paper doilies, the cones can hold the preferred favours for each day of Ramadan.adventcalender3
  10. *Free printable alert* – Yup, this sister has designed the prettiest Ramadan banners and put them up for free on her website. Go ahead and have a look at the complete website, you will be spoiled for choice! Don’t forget to say thanks!freebanner
  11. These DIY paper mosque lanterns are adorable!! Decorate your ‘Ramadan table’ with these using electric tea lights. You can download the template for free on the website!!!mosquelanterns
  12. Make a fun activity with kids, out of decorating wooden letters saying Ramadan Mubarak. Read the complete tutorial on the website.dc0ed6f61fa86601ef949c7596f164c7
  13. This website ramadanjoy.com is packed with colourful crafts and DIYS pertaining to Ramadan. Head over for some inspiration or even free printables.3bad8bfe8828e55aa929e59b8efce340
  14. Ramadan wreath once again, but this one is also a great idea for Eid or even the night before Eid. Extremely simple, yet elegant, and also a great use for those bangles that are lying around collecting dust! This is another website that is dedicated to Ramadan and Eid decor and other ideas. You have to save it in your bookmarks!aecbb2ad5c37fe01139f414affe03a77
  15. This one is not so much of a decoration idea, it can be used to decorate the Ramadan Table, or dining table, and a child can use it every evening to distribute dates to the family members. Or you can prepare a batch ahead of Ramadan, and distribute it to friends and family, or even other people at the mosque. Lovely idea either ways!!!datejar

That is one huge load of ideas! Let me know which ones you like and send me photos of the ones you actually get done! Remember me and my family in your prayers this Ramadan! May Allah make it fruitful and beneficial for all of us Ameen!


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