20+ Resources For Ramadan Activities For Kids

As i spoke about Ramadan traditions earlier, one of my goals has also been to find something special to do with my baby during this Holy Month. There are two purposes. One, that while doing simple activities she can learn about her religion. And two, it will make her look forward to the month.

It is indeed a special month for all Muslims, but making it a little extra special for kids will instill love in their hearts for this sacred month. Preparation is key here. We do not want to waste precious time during Ramadan looking for pertinant activities, or going out to buy supplies. I would suggest making a list of activities relevant to your child’s age and stocking up on supplies before Ramadan begins. That way you know exactly what you are doing on which day, and you don’t have to waste time (and energy) going to shop for supplies.

The only thing left behind is looking for activity ideas, and consider that done! I have rounded up the best activities, printables and websites for Ramadan. So get that pen and paper and start making the list!!

  1.                        Prayer timings on paper plate clocks – A great idea I found on Pinterest, specially for kids learning to tell the time (I could not find the original pinner, please contact me if you own this photo, so that i can give proper credits)salat-time
  2. Karimas crafts is a treasure trove of crafts related to Ramadan. Be it free printables, crafting ideas or coloring books, you have it all! This is one website that you need in your bookmarks. On another note, i am really looking forward to making the Allah’s Names tree with my toddler this year! InshaaAllah!karimascrafts

  3. Handmade beginnings is another website that has many ideas for crafts on topic. I love these Ramadan themed bookmarks particularly. You will also find a free printable coloring book for Ramadan on the website!100_5372b
  4. In the playroom has a post filled with activities for children for Ramadan. They also have a free printable template for mosque silhouettes, which can be used in various ways, from crafting to painting!mosquetemplates
  5. A round up of Ramadan crafts and activities on baby.co.uk. View the slideshow with links to tutorials. activities
  6. This idea is so cute, i could not resist repeating it here after the Ramadan decor post. So these can be made with the help of the kiddos, making it a fun and educational activity!datejars
  7. These are one of the best printables i have come across. It is a book of selected supplications for children. It is a great way for older children to learn new supplications, infact even for the grown ups!dua1
  8. This is not a printable directed towards Ramadan by the original poster, but the idea is amazing. There are so many points that we can actually put to practice. It is great for people looking for ideas for the Ramadan advent calendars. dd36ba4906c8436248eb96302ca48670
  9. I love this website and there is no reason not to!! http://www.amuslimchildisborn.blogspot.com is all about teaching children about Islam. This sister has taken it to another level by posting free resources (and by resources i mean full fledged books!) on teachersnotebookshop. Go ahead and download the Ramadan activity packs for free!!! prek_rap2-0http://www.teachersnotebook.com/shop/ummannuman
  10. Another free coloring book! This one is not just for coloring, but has small facts on each page, so the kids learn as they color, and once complete, it can be used as a storybook!image_thumb9
  11. Another brilliant idea. Not only do the children benefit while they help you, but you spread the word about Ramadan. In this blog post, a sister explains how they made iftar platters for their non muslim neighbours, along with information sheets about Ramadan.6069441370_450ec7398b
  12. Modest munchies is one of the websites you don’t want to miss on when we are talking about anything related to Ramadan. They have free printables, activities and even recipes on the website! You can thank me later 😉modestmunchies
  13. Free printables alert!!! Flash cards of 99 Names of Allah. nameofallah
  14. The link leads to the etsy shop for this particular product, but i loved this idea and it looks like a very easy craft to do with kids. Just cut out a moon shape on cardboard and apply glue all over it. The kids can then stick their own combination of buttons and decorate the moon!buttonart
  15. A prayer door hanger that you can make with your children, and then later use yourself to pray in peace 😛im-praying-door-sign
  16. This is actually a book on an app called farfaria. The app and book are both free so go ahead and indulge! A new story is always welcome, isn’t it?!small_320_00v2-page-00-final-too-young-to-fast-mmagnaye
  17. A dua jar! It will help children learn the importance of asking from our Lord. A must have for older children!ramadan-craft-dua-jar
  18. 30 activities in one printable, and that too free! you can’t beat this find!30days-blog_large
  19. I adoooooore this idea!!! This is another tradition i would love to start with my LO. I am already on it!! Read up for more info!ramadan-morning-gift-basket-681x1024
  20. Well i would say Ramadan is incomplete without Ramadan lantern crafts. It just has traditional significance, not religious, nevertheless we all love to have lanterns around us during Ramadan. They just add to the spirit! so here is a tutorial for those paper lanterns. Also, craft a moon pinata with the kids during Ramadan and use it on EID!!paperlanterns11

moon-pinata http://ohhappyday.com/2012/11/moon-pinata-diy/


Or you could just ditch all that hassle of planning and getting supplies, considering the amount of time on hand now, and order this amazing box!!! The Happy Ramadan Box from the Happy Box is filled with amazing activities to keep your little one busy throughout the month!! Head on to the website to place your order or find one of their many official retailers!


Here is my round up of awesome activities for the kids during Ramadan. This list is enough to keep them busy for almost 2-3 months, not just one! Let me know if you are doing something different with the kids this Ramadan, and share with me if you do anything off this list!

Keep me and my family in your prayers this Ramadan!

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