An Organised Approach to Ramadan – tips and resources to get the most out of this month!

One day left for Ramadan to begin, everyone is busy preparing for it, and so am I. Everyone’s approach is a little different and so are the preparations. Some maybe busy preparing spring rolls and samosas for freezing, while others may be busy with cleaning the home inside out. While there is no right or wrong way to prepare for it, I will be sharing my approach to Ramadan and how to remain organised throughout the month.

The Home:

  1. Clean the home – before Ramadan begins, I like to complete all my spring cleaning. Which means dusting lights, fans, under the beds, curtains, wardrobes etc. And as i go through every part of my home, i like to declutter too. So i throw out things that are either expired, or too battered with use. And the other things, like barely worn clothes that we no longer fit into ?, or stationary, shoes, cutlery etc that will not be used anymore go into the charity bag. Being the OCD types that I am, this ensures the home has detoxed ? and i have something to give to the less fortunate in the month of giving!
  2. Wash prayer mats – prayer mats don’t really get that dirty because we use them once we are clean, but i like to do this ritual of washing all the prayer mats in my household and perfuming them with attar! Call it a tradition that i have developed, but it just adds to the Ramadan spirit at my home.
  3. Finish Laundry – well actually laundry never ‘finishes’ in reality, but you can get done with the major load of it. Because really the last thing you want to do while fasting is that never ending laundry ?
  4. Decorate – taking the spirit of Ramadan forward, i love decorating the home for this Sacred Month. My DD is too young to understand anything about Ramadan yet, but seeing us getting excited about this month will help her understand that it is something important. I hope she carries this tradition forward with her children ? Have a look at the many ideas i have compiled for decorating your home for Ramadan.

The Food:

Every Ramadan i promise myself to eat healthy, so that i actually benefit from this month. The month is really not about food, but we have made it so. I do succeed to some extent, but having a hectic schedule, and working shifts doesn’t help at times, and i have to give in. Nevertheless i remain adamant and continue to resolve that whatever days i am incharge of Iftar, they will be low on cals, but high in healthy nutrients. Read my post “Ramadan Kitchen” for tips on how to keep your kitchen organised and meals healthy during Ramadan.

The Baby:

  1. Ramadan nasheed – before Ramadan begins i like to start playing nasheeds at home. It keeps my daughter interested and she learns new words too.
  2. Ramadan Wall – every Ramadan i try to clear up one wall in the house to be used as a Ramadan Wall. Everything from the ramadan calender, to menu, to crafts related to Ramadan go on it. This year i am planning on the 99 names of Allah tree for the wall, so that me and my tot can both learn the names together inshaaAllah.
  3. Ramadan calender – similar to an advent calender, this calender counts down to Eid. You can either make it with bags filled with candies to treat kids every evening, or use each day to mark a new activity. This year will be the first that I make one (if i get any time that is )
  4. Ramadan activities – Last year my DD was too young to plan activities with. I am really looking forward to a lot more fun this Ramadan inshaaAllah! Have a look at my post on Ramadan activities for endless ideas!

Organising Tips:

  1. Make a bucket list  img_1287
  2. Get a Ramadan Plannerimg_12881  img_1289
  3. Start a new tradition!!! img_1290

Mommy Tips:



And lastly my favorite doodle from


I hope this post will be useful for you this Ramadan. Keep me and my family in your prayers. Ramadan Kareem!! May everyone have a blessed one Ameen!

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