10 apps to boost your productivity, save your time and make life more organized!

Smartphones have changed the way we go about our daily lives. Like anything else they have their advantages and disadvantages. They have made communication easier, but relationships harder! It is up to you, how you choose to use yours. I have always seeked ways to use my gadgets to help me multi-task. Some ways have been disastrous, while on the way i have found some apps that have changed how i do certain things. 

Here is my list of apps that I absolutely cannot do without. They have all helped me boost my creativity and productivity, helped me multi-task and assisted me in organising my daily life.

  1. Evernote – if i say that my life changed since i found out about this app, I won’t be exaggerating. I love the app and you can say that i am dependent on it to some extent. Before evernote i used to waste pages and pages making lists, planning things. But that was not so convinient as i could not carry all those notebooks with me, and finding something was not short of a headache. I currently have around 500 notes on my evernote account. All my recipes, pantry inventory, grocery lists, shopping list (anything under the sun basically) is in there! You all must have figured out by now that i am organization freak, and this app has literally made my life simple!        img_1643
  2. Cozi family – my duties are all over the calender and my daughter’s social calender is jam packed mashaaAllah. I can put all this in evernote, but cozi family organiser gives everything a much neater look. At one glance you can tell which family member is where at the moment, and it makes it easier for me to communicate with my family if someone else has to collect my daughter from anywhere. It has options for grocery lists and to do lists too but I don’t use those at the moment.  img_1646
  3. Rhymes and Endless Reader – ok, so being a mommy, some kiddo apps are a must on the mobile. You cannot even imagine how useful they can be when the baby decides to throw a tantrum while you are driving, or starts throwing around cutlery when you are at a restaurant (and trying to act like a normal family). My daughter loves both these apps. The first one is suitable for all ages. Rhymes has interactive rhymes and is bound to keep kids busy for hours. Where as endless reader is more suitable for kids who have just been introduced to their ABCs and beyond.     img_1639img_1640
  4. Muslim pro – this app has everything that a Muslim may need on the move. From prayer timings, to qibla compass to Quran and much more! It also has daily reminders for reading a few verses of the Quran, which i think is essential.  muslimpro
  5. Drop box – talk about a photography lover and lack of space!! The hundreds of photos i take everyday are automatically uploaded on dropbox, and I don’t have to worry about them getting lost in case my mobile crashes. I have organised photos and videos in several folders and it makes finding photos to post on instagram or even on the blog, very easy.  img_1642
  6. Ibooks – i am a bookworm, and my daughter is showing traits of being one (Alhumdulillah). And being a resident, i need my books easily accessible for reference. So Ibooks is my go to. Although I don’t like the fact that i cannot highlight or write notes on pdf files, but i love the reading experience on it and it gets the job done. So i have my casual reading books, ebooks for my lo, and emergency medicine ebooks all in ibooks (on different devices ofcourse)  img_1644
  7. Google now – this app is one that i use everyday without fail! For searching for anything quickly, or to follow up on a story i have been reading about (google now cards). It even shows me how the traffic is on my frequently used routes. The weather, flight updates, updates on websites I recently visited, and the list goes on and on!!   img_1645
  8. Isitter – my daughter cosleeps with us so i never really needed a baby monitor. Except for those days when she is sleeping and i need to take a shower, and some other instances. I don’t want to waste so much money on a baby monitor just for these days. This app is a lifesaver in such situations. It works over wifi and bluetooth and does the job very well. There is an option of viewing the baby via camera too. All you need is two ios devices.  img_1647
  9. Closet+ – i am very bad at remembering which clothes i have, so imagine my plight when i have to assemble outfits for my daughter when i am out of the house! (With her ever expanding wardrobe I don’t think this problem will ever subside). Closet+ was the solution to my problem a few months ago when i had to ask my husband to get one of my daughter’s outfit for a party, while i was stuck at work! I had all her clothes in closet+ and all i had to do was choose and send him a photo of what exactly i wanted! There are in app purchases for multiple wardrobes and unlimited clothes.  img_1648
  10. Google maps – you have to admit that navigating in UAE is not easy! And with the ever changing roads in Dubai, even the most expert drivers are bound to be lost. I like to be on (or even before) time for everything. Being late means you don’t respect the person waiting for you, because their time is as precious as yours and you are wasting it by making them wait for you. So apart from taking other measures like leaving a bit early, i like to check the routes to a new place and the time it will take me to get there. Google maps has always had my back in such cases!  img_1638

Any apps that you think are great and you cannot do without?! Do let me know in the comments!

All the photos have been taken from the appstore of the respective apps.

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