9 things that doctor moms do!

Being a doctor has taught me some things about life, I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t one. While some of these things are more than welcome, other obsessive compulsive ones are not, and may sometimes make me regret my choice of profession.

Nevertheless i love my profession and specially the respect it comes with. And if you add the numerous prayers and blessings that come from patients and their families, and the sense of gratification from doing something that makes a positive impact on people’s lives, then there’s no looking back.

Add being a mommy to the mix and some different things happen. Here are 9 things I have experienced as a doctor mama. I hope other doctor moms agree, as these are based on my general observation! And even if you don’t, donot say so, because i like to believe i am not the only paranoid one ?

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  1. As soon as the (supposed) cute spit ups begin, all they can think of is, keeping the head elevated! (God forbid, aspiration pneumonia!!!)

    Image from http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/70/70ed27e261dff59dcccb6aff2c45416983619e46a4a4ec3096bf80ad685a452d.jpg.
  2. Cribs look nothing less than SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) machines. Hence their reluctance to use a crib in the first year ( and fruitless attempts to get them to sleep in the cot after the 1st year ?)

    Image from http://cdn2.mommyish.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/co-sleeping-ecard.png.
  3. They have read and learned every research paper regarding benefits of breast feeding, and can recite them in their sleep to all the relatives insisting they should begin formula feed.

    Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/52/90/91/529091aa076ba5aea42c9a18f34725b6.jpg.
  4. Their kid may not be able to talk yet, but they have been teaching them anatomy (or any other advanced subject) . Because they remember how difficult it is to learn later, and kids learn better at this age right? (Add this to the list of research papers)

    Image from http://rs1img.memecdn.com/this-baby-must-be-math-teacher_c_3515215.jpg.
  5. Any kind of fever brings in the dilemma of: fever is a response of the body to fighting infection so it’s a good sign (i should probably hold the antipyretics), versus, there is a risk of febrile seizures!! Yikes! ( where is that adol now?!!)

    Image from https://i.imgflip.com/6rlex.jpg.
  6. Everything assumes the shape of a health hazard as doctor moms have seen (and treated) the wierdest and most unimaginable things first hand!!

    Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b4/e9/d3/b4e9d329920e405d1e94b5e57f03be34.jpg.
  7. Children at work (sometimes even elderly people) remind them of their little ones, and they miss them every second, but they wouldn’t dare to take them to their workplace ever as it’s too full of germs ??

    Image from http://littlepatriots.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/doctor-mom-baby.jpg.
  8. They are the only women who have actually recieved formal training to be moms! All those oncalls, sleepless nights studying or attending to patients, putting the needs of others above theirs, being gentle (sometimes motherly) with patients, listening to their problems. Yup, being a mom is like one long on call!!!

    Image from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_e85U4QbYG7s/S2XCyH9nc-I/AAAAAAAACO4/_5u2laYOY84/s640/baby+vs.+residency+(small).jpg.
  9. Despite all the short comings of their profession, they would love to see a stethoscope around their child’s neck, but will never accept the fact out loud.

    Image from http://qph.is.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-34024ffcba3b3c4f2496ada348288c59?convert_to_webp=true.

This does not mean that other moms are less obsessive (other professions may have other worries definitely!!), but it’s a little something that doctor mamas share!
Is there something else you have seen doctor moms do typically? Do share!


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