The Science of Babyfood – 63 different foods to make at home for babies

I think commercial baby food is trash. There, i said it! because that is really what i think it is! No matter how “organic” or “preservatives free” it is labeled as, it has to has something to last on those shelves?! (babyfood for thought?!!)

Anyways the contents are another debate all together. I always advise new moms (who are cute enough to ask me for advise *blushes*), to give to their baby what they can eat themselves. So next time you open that store bought baby food, give it a taste, or even a sniff for that matter, and i can guarantee you will puke. If you don’t (and according to you your kid looooooves this stuff, and even eats it once they have grown out of purees), please do not complain that you have a picky eater on hand!

There is only a limited amount of flavors (hence even nutrition) on the shelves, so i don’t know how you can introduce them to a variety. A mixture of home made and store brought you say? If you can make home made baby food, why give them commercially made anyway?

I know it feels over whelming at first, to cook for a baby and yourself. Too much work right? but if given the choice, i would choose cooking for my baby and not the other way round. Look at it this way, a baby’s palate is just like a fresh paper, you can either write a beautiful story on it, or just scribble. That is the condition of our palates (and the whole GI system), scribbled on to the point that we cannot see what’s underneath.

The culinary world is amazing. All the sights, sounds, smells, tastes. It stimulates all your senses at once. Can something be more awesome? Why won’t you take your baby on this journey so that they grow up to love food and not just think of it as a means to fill their stomachs.

Now that i have convinced you that home made babyfood is the best for your baby (and the only excuse to not make home made is, maybe if you don’t have hands??), and hopefully i have, then go through the babyfood slideshow i have put together. These are real foods that i actually prepared for my LO, and were (almost) recieved well, some better than the others.

Please excuse the quality of photos as i had no idea at the time that i would write a blog, or even that so many new moms might ask me for recipes! I had to take them off my instagram where i used to put them up as a record for myself. Recipes will follow in future posts, although most of them are self explanatory.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not an exhaustive list ofcourse, but i would like to add that do not categorize ‘child’ and ‘adult’ food seperately, and you will never be short on ideas. I will soon be posting printables to make babyfood making more enjoyable and less tedious. At the end i would like to quote Annabel Karmel (ironic because she has her own pre made baby food range, but while i don’t endorse them, you’ve got to give it to her for her recipes and advise on cooking for children!)

I think stereotyping children’s food, where ever you go, doesn’t help. Children go to a friend’s house and the mother makes chicken nuggets, because they know they like them and she wants them to be happy. Nobody thinks that a child might like chicken satay, or a stir fry, or a Mediterranean chicken dish with tomato sauce.

Annabel Karmel in interview with Time Out Kids Dubai – read the full interview here

p.s – this list is by no means meant to be used for all ages as some foods may not be suitable at a particular age. The use of cows milk, nuts, honey and egg during the first year of a baby’s life is controversial . Always consult your peadiatrician before introducing any of these foods to your baby’s diet.

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