Lunchbox ideas for kids – 38 ideas for breakfasts, snacks and lunches!

Part of my excitement about my LO going to nursery stemmed from the fact that I get to pack lunches. I know that sounds weird but yeah thanks to Instagram and Pinterest I was very much excited!

I remember that even before my daughter was born, I had stumbled across the Instagram account of Yumbox, and then found out all about bento lunch boxes. I could not wait to begin making lunch boxes for my LO. Only problem was she was still not on solids -_- . I forgot all about it in my excitement to make baby food, but then purees were over, she started having food with us, and there was really nothing to look forward to. Until… she started preschool! yay!

I know I will get bored with it in some time, but for now it’s my creative outlet. No, I don’t make faces in her lunchbox, nor do I carve and endlessly decorate it. But I try my best that everything is fresh, homemade and nutritious. There are times when my toddler only eats at nursery and refuses to eat once home. Those days I know that at least what she did eat, gave her the nutrients she needs to get through the day.

What’s more, it is not as difficult as it sounds! I use a pre made lunchbox menu monthly, which makes things so much easier and I don’t have to play the guessing game every morning. While making the menu, I make sure I add things I know she likes to eat, and combine with other nutritious foods.

Here are some ideas from lunch boxes I have prepared, for those looking for inspiration. Of course all children are different and so are their eating habits. Choose accordingly.

All pictures include a breakfast, a snack and lunch.

Breakfast – Boiled egg & mayo sandwich + boiled egg Snack – Goldfish crackers & Raisins Lunch – chickpeas & feta salad + Pita triangles + Grapes and strawberries + Organic gingerbread cookies sweetened with grape juice.



breakfast – Multigrain bread pb & j sandwich cut in squares. Snack – Cut up strawberries Lunch – Flavored rice with yogurt and Chicken strips + Cut up apples + Cream caramel delight + Alphabet crackers.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with chocolate chips Snack – vita coco Coconut water Lunch – Flavoured rice with yogurt and chicken + baby carrots and olives + Grapes and strawberries.


Breakfast – Cream cheese bagel Snack – Sliced banana Lunch – Plain rice with yogurt and grilled chicken + Chickpeas salad + Cut up apples + Cucumber, carrots and olives.


Breakfast – Sausage and spinach frittata Snack – Berry salad Lunch – Chicken pita wrap + Pickled vegetables + Cut up apples + Strawberry custard.
Breakfast - Oatmeal with raisins + Cut up apples Snack- Breadsticks + hummus Lunch - Roasted chicken pita sandwiches + Cherry tomatoes, corn , olives and purple cabbage + Cut up apples.
Breakfast – Oatmeal with raisins + Cut up apples
Snack – Breadsticks + hummus
Lunch – Roasted chicken pita sandwiches + Cherry tomatoes, corn , olives and purple cabbage + Cut up apples.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with raisins + Cut up apples Snack – Breadsticks + hummus Lunch – Roasted chicken pita sandwiches + Cherry tomatoes, corn , olives and purple cabbage + Cut up apples.


Breakfast – Baked beans + buttered multigrain bread Snack- Orange juice Lunch – Chicken shashlik + corn and mushroom salad + strawberry jello + Pita bread.


Breakfast – Pancake stripes with cut up strawberries Snack- Apple slices with peanut butter Lunch – Rice salad + Chicken mortadella and tikka Sub + Brownie + Blueberries.


Breakfast – Oatmeal + apple slices Snack – Goldfish crackers + raisins Lunch – grilled lamb burger + baked potato fries + Cut up pears.


Breakfast – French toast cut into strips Snack – Cut up pear Lunch – Chicken, mushrooms and beans pasta + Fruit yogurt + Cucumber sticks, olives and Babybel cheese.


Breakfast – Boiled egg + multigrain bread strips with butter. Snack- Nutella pancake sandwiches cut in shapes Lunch – Mortadella roll ups + pretzel crackers + Fruit cake + clementines.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with apples and raisins Snack – Pretzel crackers + mini marshmallows Lunch – Baked chicken legs + Breadsticks + Babybel cheese + Cucumber sticks + Cut up apples.


Breakfast – Baked beans + brown bread Snack – Banana Lunch – Baked shredded chicken + Pretzel + Babybel cheese + Cut up apple.


Breakfast – Pancake shapes with jam and sprinkles Snack – Strawberries + cut up pears + Plain yogurt Lunch – Quinoa with yogurt + Tomato chickpeas and spinach curry + Cucumber slices and cut up tomato + Blueberries


Breakfast – Fruit cheerios with raisins and milk Snack – Organic date rusks + Fruit yogurt Lunch – Apple rice salad + Meatballs + Olives and babybel cheese + Bolognese dip for meatballs.


Breakfast – Cherry clafoutis slice + Apple slices Snack – Banana + babybel cheese + Middle eastern biscuits Lunch – Plain rice with yogurt + Cashewnut Chicken.


Breakfast – Milk and cheerios Snack – Coconut water Lunch – Wholegrain broccoli pasta + grilled salmon + Fruit salad + babybel cheese.


Breakfast – Rice porridge with raisins Snack – Lychees + fruit yogurt Lunch – Chicken quesadilla cut in squares + buttery peas + clementines + ranch dip.


Breakfast – Oatmeal (not shown) Snack – Vita coco Coconut water Lunch – Potato sandwich + Ketchup + Blueberries + Cut up apples.


Breakfast – Pizza muffins + cut up grapefruit Snack – Pretzel crackers + mini marshmallows Lunch – Brown rice + Lentils + Yogurt + Blackberries and kiwi + chicken nuggets


Breakfast – Oatmeal with raisins Snack – apple Lunch – Large pretzel + mini marshmallows + Cucumber sticks and baby carrots with cream cheese dip + Cut up peaches.


Breakfast – Fruit cheerios with milk Snack – Pear Lunch – Paratha sandwich + Pickled vegies + Watermelon and strawberries


Breakfast – Oatmeal with raisins Snack – Banana Lunch – Chicken burger + Apple wedges + Plain yogurt + Cheese crackers and pickled vegetables


Breakfast – Scrambled egg with tomatoes + brown bread Snack – Melon + blueberries Lunch – Brown rice + Yogurt + grilled lamb + boiled corn on the cob + cut up mango


Breakfast – Plain croissant + cut up strawberries Snack – Goldfish crackers + raisins + orange juice Lunch – Toasted sesame bun + Burger cut in strips + cheddar cheese strips + carrot sticks + blueberries + fruit yogurt


Breakfast – Boiled egg slices + sliced banana Snack – Berry salad Lunch – Roasted chicken toasted multigrain bread sandwiches + Plain yogurt and olives + grapes


Breakfast – blueberry pancake quarters Snack – Cut up apple Lunch – Grilled fish + pita triangles + pickled veggies + Cheddar cheese + Cut up strawberries (The rest is topping for pizzas they were making at the nursery)


Breakfast – Chocolate chip waffle with strawberries + blackberries Snack – breadsticks with cream cheese Lunch – Broccoli quiches + sliced banana + baked beans


Breakfast – Rice pancakes with honey Snack – berry salad Lunch – Vegetable pasta + grilled chicken + Boiled corn on the cob + lychees


Breakfast – oatmeal with raisins Snack – apple Lunch – Multigrain bread cream cheese sandwiches cut into squares + Seekh kebabs + Baby carrots + Cut up pear + Alphabet crackers


Breakfast – Plain croissant omelette and cucumber sandwich + red grapes Snack – Plain yogurt with blueberries Lunch – Potato and sausage salad + Orange wedges + Semolina halwa


Breakfast – Fruit cheerios with milk (not shown) Snack – Vita coco coconut water Lunch – avocado and boiled egg multigrain sandwiches + babybel cheese + Cut up strawberries + Cut up apple + Ketchup


Breakfast – Boiled egg and mayo filling in sesame bun + fruit yogurt Snack – Strawberries + Jax coco kidz (grape) Lunch – Plain rice with yogurt + Potato, spinach and meat curry + Garden salad with babybel cheese + blackberries


Breakfast – Oatmeal with chocolate chips Snack – Goldfish crackers with raisins Lunch – Pasta and chicken soup + Cut up kiwi + Cucumber sticks


Breakfast – Plain croissant + pitted dates Snack – Apple + cheese Lunch – sausage pizza + Plain yogurt with blueberries + cut up strawberries + cream caramel delight
Breakfast – Mortadella pizza + raisins Snack – berry salad Lunch – Pasta soup + Cut up mango + pickled cucumber and feta cheese + organic berry rice puffs


Breakfast – Croissant pudding + dates Snack – Apple slices + raisins Lunch – Rice and vegetable soup + Blueberries + Cucumber sticks + Organic date rusks


Breakfast – rice and vegetable soup Snack – banana Lunch – pizza + clementines + cheese crackers + olives and baby carrots


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