Top Free Potty Training Apps That I Used For My Daughter

As by now everybody knows that i am quite an “app” kind of a person. I need an application for everything ( I request my husband to make one’s that i don’t find ? ). So naturally (naturally eh?) i looked for apps when it was time to potty train my toddler. Without much further ado, i will list the apps that went down well with her, and actually sort of helped me potty train my tot.

p.s – i used all of them on the ipad (with the exception of one), and am unaware if they are available on the iphone, or android phones.

Potty training time – My daughter’s favorite. It has tracking progress, videos, books, games, tips all potty training related and even an option to “call Rachel” who stars in the songs in the videos. When you “call” her she praises the child in a pre recorded video. We mainly used this app for the songs and books. My daughter would sing them day in and out!


Perfect potty – This is the one that I used on my iphone to set timers and track her progress. Helped me tonnes and is pretty simple and self explanatory. You will definitely need one of these to remind you and help you see your child’s peeing/pooping patterns (yeah i needed that in my life!)


Toilet training – This is a game that would basically run your child through the different things to do when you go potty. Also encourages them to tell when they want to go.


Elmo potty – The only paid one among the list. Lots of songs, books and games of Elmo while he is potty training. They use different scenarios of when Elmo and his friends have to go potty and encourages to stop whatever you are doing and go potty if you have to.


That’s it! Are there any apps that you used while potty training your child? I would love to hear which ones! Read about my toilet training experience and tips in this post.

Happy Appy Potty- training!! ?


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  1. Thanks for great suggestions! I will definitely be giving these a go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mama In Scrubs says:

      yes do give them a try, the games are specially useful in the long run, when you are tired of all that pee talk 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How cute! Technology to the rescue 🙂


    1. Mama In Scrubs says:

      haha for me that’s always the case! 😛


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