Good Night Books – An ebook app review

On our trip to Washington DC during summer, I got Manaal a goodnight book from a souvenir shop. There are 2 things I try to always buy wherever we travel, a fridge magnet for me and a book (if there’s one for that particular country or city) for Manaal. Last time we got a book all about New York and this time while I was browsing the book section, I came across one called Goodnight America. I thought this is an awesome find as I don’t have to buy one for every state we go to wink.

Once we were back from our vacation, I was reading it to Manaal and noticed that it asked to download its app for more content. Everyone knows I am a gadget geek, so I immediately downloaded it on my phone to see what it was about. I was pleasantly surprised about what this app has to offer.

good night books app

The app is called Good Night Books and is available for FREE download in both the apple app store and google play store. As soon as you open the app it gives you various options to navigate the app. There are free books, free games, special offers, and bookstore. Each option is explained below.

good night books app

Free Books

This option takes you to a screen with various books from the best-selling Goodnight series. You have to download them first before reading. Once downloaded to your device, there is an option of narration (play button) and it also highlights the word being read while narrating. This is exactly what I had been looking for for months! The pictures and themes are all that will be loved by infants and toddlers alike! There is quite a collection to choose from. There are these golden stars in the pictures and when tapped, they play sounds of the object adjacent to them.

good night books app

good night books app

good night books app

Free Games

There are 2 free games currently. A matching game for older kids and a reveal game where a picture is revealed by rubbing onto it, for younger ones.

good night books app

Special Offers

Takes you to a sign-up page for offers and coupons (I haven’t used this yet)

good night books app

How We Use Good Night Books

Me and Manaal both love the app and it’s a good shortcut for times when I am too lazy to read to her or am busy. She can just open the app and it will read to her, along with highlighting words while being spoken, hence helping her learn to read!

good night books app


Let me know if you download this app! And if you already use it, let me know what you think!! Click on the link to see their website (the ebooks are really good and cheap) and to download the apps –


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  1. Meghna says:

    Nice. Goodnight moon is my daughter’s favorite book


  2. Sounds like a great app, thanks for the suggestion!


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