How To Teach Kids Quran Using The Quran Moon Lamp

I am always looking for ways to incorporate technology into education. After all, that is the future (or more so the present thanks to the pandemic!). I came across something wonderful that has helped me further Manaal’s Quran education: The Quran Moon Lamp! This is a valuable treasure for every Muslim household not just for the kids but adults too. The Quran moon lamp is multifunctional and enhances the decor of any room it is placed in. It blends in wonderfully with any kind of decor too!
So let me explain how it works and then I will tell you how I used it to help Manaal learn Surahs quickly and efficiently!
The Quran Moon Lamp is basically a beautiful lamp in the shape and design of the moon (with craters and all!) and the light is not just a boring yellow, but lots of colors! You can choose the color that goes with your decor or your kids can have fun setting their favorite color on it and use it as a night light!
Now that’s not all. The Quran Moon Lamp is also a speaker! And it has a wealth of Islamic resources pre-recorded on it. You can choose from playing the Quran as is or with verse by verse translation (in 15 languages!!), or hadiths (Sahih Muslim or Sahih Al-Bukhari, you choose!), Qaida Noorani, Nasheeds, Dua Al Witr, 99 names of Allah, Al-Ruqyah and Hisnul Muslim!! There’s a huge range of Quran reciters to choose from including Shaykh Sudais and there is an FM radio mode too.
The Quran Moon Lamp comes with a remote and it’s charging cable. The design is sturdy enough and since it uses LED chips, energy-efficient too. It can be fully charged within 2 hours and lasts a long time depending on usage. There is a Bluetooth mode option too, so you can play media from your phone onto the speaker lamp ( Although they already have pretty much everything on the lamp already!). You can choose a specific Surah to listen to and the best part is that you can set it on repeat.
And that is exactly how Manaal has learned lots of Surahs. We all know that for kids to learn anything they need repetition. Every morning, while I am fixing breakfast, Manaal switches on the Quran Moon Lamp and selects the Surah she is currently learning in her class (by entering the Surah number), and then sets it on repeat. I have set the Surahs to be recited with translation so that she understands them as she memorizes them. After listening to it 3-4 times she starts reciting it with the recording (this helps with her tajweed). We do this every day until she has memorized the Surah and then we move on to the next one.
The Quran Moon Lamp can be used for various other purposes and here are a few I have been thinking of:
  1. Play the Ruqya every morning for the kids to listen to.
  2. Learning Ahadith.
  3. Learning the names of Allah.
  4. Playing Surah-Al-Baqarah every day for protection.
  5. Learning Dua Al Witr for kids who are learning to pray
  6. Memorizing the Qaida for kids learning to read the Quran (they can hold their own Qaidas while it plays on the Lamp. This will perfect their Tajweed)
  7. Playing Surah Al Kahf on Friday.
  8. Playing Nasheeds for the kids (No need to be glued to a tv screen when they can hear them!)
  9. Using the lamp as a night light.
  10. Listening to Quran recitation before sleeping. This is something I have been wanting to do for my kids for a long time now and inshaaAllah will be implementing soon!
  11. Memorizing the Quran for kids and as adults too!
This little piece of beautiful technology has so much potential to bring an Islamic environment into our homes and that too in a stylish and fun way. If used right, it can be an essential part of our lives. It is priced at just 35 British Pounds, which makes it a steal compared to everything it has to offer! You can also use my discount code ” NIDA10 ” for a 10% discount to make it even more affordable!
Please beware of knock offs available in the market. There’s numerous out there and I cannot guarantee the authenticity of their content or their quality. The Quran Moon Lamp that I am writing about today is available to buy here.
Manaal currently has taken sole ownership of the Lamp and wanted to keep it in her room but because of our learning routine, it is currently in the kitchen. They also have a beautiful Galaxy Moon Lamp which I cannot wait to get my hands on so that I can let Manaal have her way hehe!
It is a great gift that keeps giving so put it on those wish lists for Eids, Birthdays, and just because *wink*.
Keep watching my Instagram stories for how I use the Quran Moon Lamp in raising my little Muslims. Do you use this lamp? If yes then how has your experience been so far? Do you have any other ideas on how to use the lamp? Let me know in the comments below!
Disclaimer: I was gifted the Quran moon lamp by but all the views and words are solely my own.

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